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Someone walks up to me and asks "What's wrong?"

Drama with friends, people lying about me, My moms husband screaming at me every sencond of my life, people that I thought I could trust going against me, being criticized by my moms husband, my mother not doing anything about it, and just dumb stuff.

Nothings wrong. 
We need to take a stand together 

Imagine you are a bully 

You call a girl you don't even know “fat”

The girl you called “fat” is overdosing on pills to make herself skinny 

Oh, and that girl you called “ugly”? 

She is crying herself to sleep

And what about that boy you called “worthless”?

He is covered with scars
Now,you might think that this happens all of the time

Yes, it does

But what you don't see, is that these people 


You might be thinking “Everyone dies sometime”


These people die early



Bullying is not a joke and we can come together to stop it

People that get bullied change

I changed

Look at it this way 

Instead of calling someone “ugly” tell her she is beautiful 

Instead of letting someone think they are “fat” or “worthless” tell them how amazing they are and how everyone loves them just the way they are 

The world seems a lot better without bullying doesn't it? 

Let's try to keep it that way

Let's try to keep people happy and safe 

1. What's your favorite color?
2. What's your favorite ship?
Jay X Tim
3. What your favorite shop?
Hot Topic
If anybody says anything mean to you..KILL THEM! Make sure they are dead before you leave their body! >:)
It was a dark night (No pun intended) in NightMareClan and BloodMoon was staring at SilverPelt. "Where do I belong StarClan?" she whispered. Then out of nowhere she heard rustiling in the bushes. "Who's there?!" she mewled. And then out jumped a beautiful Gray and orange she-cat. "Helloooo~" she cooed. "W-What!! B-Blizzard-Foot!!! you know you can't come over here!"  BloodMoon hissed. "Yeah, but I wanted to see youuuu~" all of the sudden Blizzard-Foot pinned BloodMoon down.... TBC??